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Author:  Hellblazer [ Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:20 am ]
Post subject:  Forum Rules

This forum follows the same guide lines set by the Lotro community guide lines. When you post on this forum, we expect you to do so following the community guide lines and also the rules that we have set. Those rules will apply to all members of the kinship of Iluvatar's Grace.

1- Respect.

Respect of the team, the other users of this forum, and of yourself.

2- Keep it PG.

No sexual situations can be role-played in the Forum based Role play section of this forum, nor on the rest of the forum. Kisses, hugs.. fine. Anything that goes to second and third base.. not fine. That also includes, no cursing.

3- No flames.

Flaming people is never a good thing, they tend to stink afterwards. So if you feel the heat coming up, don't post. Take a walk and cool down.

4- The music and Poetry that is posted on this forum doesn't belong to you.

You are free to listen to it or read it here, but please do not copy it. The copyrights remains to the OP.

5- Do not post copyrighted music, videos or poetry that doesn't belong to you.

Not much to ask here. I just don't want to see the FBI or the GRC at my door tomorrow.

6- No means no.

Don't grief. Griefing is bad. Griefing is evil. We won't tolerate it.*

7- We ain't interested in your blue pills.

Don't post about selling some products. This forum is about the Lord of the Rings Online, not about this dating site, this magical purple dot pill or anything else.

*this also applies in game for the Iluvatar's Grace kinship.

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