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 Post subject: Yule Festival Tips
 Post Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:06 pm 
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Greetings Kin!

The Yule Festivities on LotRO are in full swing, as you've probably already noticed. To help you all out in your acquisition of fun Yule festival stuff, here are some tidbits I think might be helpful.

Festival Mounts
Probably the most desirable things folks are questing for during the Yule festival are the two different festival steeds. To get your own festival steed you will need 20 Yule Festival Tokens, 1 Festival Horse Token, and at least 200 Silver (500 Silver if you've never bought a steed before.) It goes without saying that your character will need to have the Riding Skill unlocked also, which currently sells for 95 Turbine Points in the LotRO Store.

All About the Tokens
There are several different types of token items related to the Yule Festival. This section will talk a little bit about how they can be acquired, and what they can be used for.

Yule Festival Token - This type of token is the most used, there really isn't anything Yule related that doesn't require these. They can be attained either by doing quests, running horse races, or through exchange with the Town Crier in Winter-Home. Quests that award Yule Festival Tokens directly may be found in the festival areas of Thorin's Gate (the tavern beneath the main hall), Duillond (down the road from Celondim), The Party Tree (in Hobbiton in the Shire, near Bag End), and the Festival Grounds north of Bree-Town (and behind Saeradan's Cabin). There are two festival quests in each place, each quest awarding 2 Yule Festival Tokens upon completion. You can also elect to recieve 3 Yule Festival Tokens for successfully completing a race at both the Bree Festival Run and the Shire Festival Run horse-racing tracks.

Frostbluff Coin - The Frostbluff Coins are acquired by completing Yule festival quests, attending the Frostbluff Theatre, or competing in Snow-Ball Battles all in the area of Winter-Home. They can be exchanged for Yule Festival Tokens with the Town Crier in Winter-Home at the rate of 4 Frostbluff Coins for 1 Yule Festival Token. There are no other uses for them to my knowledge.

Festival Horse Token - The Festival Horse Tokens may only be obtained by winning the timed horse races at the Bree Festival Run or the Shire Festival Run. They're required in purchasing a Yule Festival steed from Hangstacer Farm, north of Bree-Town and the Bree Festival Grounds. You'll also need 20 Yule Festival Tokens, the Riding Skill and a bit of Silver, as mentioned previously.

Yule Festival Token Uses
Aside from being used to acquire the Yule festival mounts, these tokens can be exchanged for other items as well. Most are cosmetic items you can use to change the look of your character's clothing, some are Gift boxes that can be opened to gain other items, and others are gag-items like Perfect Snowballs you can throw at other players. The cheaper Gifts that come in stacks of 5 only yield a lump of coal when opened (at least by my experience), the more expensive gifts will open to reveal random items (mostly cosmetic gear, or housing decor from my experience).

Getting to Winter-Home
Winter-Home where many festival quests take place is easy to get to. Simply speak with one of the special Festival Stable-masters located in one of the main starting towns. These include Bree-Town, Thorin's Gate, Celondim, and Michel Delving. Using the Festival Stable-masters to get to Winter-Home, or from Winter-Home to one of the other locations is completely free, and relatively quick. Even if you don't plan on staying in Winter-Home for the festivities, you can save yourself a few silver in your travels this way.

So, wrapping it all up I'd like to say Happy Holidays to everyone!



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