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Melam's journey.
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Author:  Hellblazer [ Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Melam's journey.

I was called to help our beautiful city as it was being attacked by hordes of enemies. Alast we were not able to fend them off and one of our most esteemed master died, defending the runes. It was a sad day for all of us.

But today is a new day. I look out of the gate of Celomdin, knowing that somewhere out there, people need my help, need my friendship and are willing to share theirs.

How will my skills as a hunter serve me in my future endeavors, I have no idea yet. But I have faith.

Author:  Hellblazer [ Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Melam's journey.

My road continues.

I have helped many people through the Shires and Eren Luin. Faced many dangers and met new friends. But times are so dire it seems. I keep hearing the rumors of wars and tribulations. People live in fear of what is to come.

I wish there was more I could do.

Author:  Hellblazer [ Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Melam's journey.

I have met with many elves and a few humans.. even a dwarf, to whom I can happily call my friends. Generous, protecting, loving, these people try to do the most they can to help the free people like I do. It's refreshing to see that there are so many out there. And for once in my life ever since I left your house in Celondim, I can say that I feel like I have a family again.

As you know, I never knew my parents as they had died just after my birth, killed by some low life brigands as I was told, half told always dismissively. As if their death was a stigma, something not to be talked about. Even you refused to tell me too much of who they were, how they lived. But now with those who calls themselves, Illuvatar's Grace, I can feel like I have a place of my own again. A place were I can be me without worries.

We work our best to help those in needs, to protect the weak and do the things that others are incapable of doing. They insist on repaying us even though, many times I would just do it without pay. I have never seen people so grateful my Aunt, for the aid that we provide. But not only toward the free people, to each others too. We tend to each others needs, craft, gather for each others. And when one of us is in need of companionship to explore an area of the middle earth that is new to us, there's always one of us who is willing to band together to help the other out. Like a true family would do.

And dare I say, Dear Aunt, I think that in the mist of these good people, I have found someone special. I dare not write her name of fear that by doing so, I would soil the beautifulness of this blossoming relationship. She is strong and beautiful my Aunt. Her arrows flies true and sting the enemy when they least expect it, and her beauty makes every thing around it pale, just like a Rose. And her heart is of pure gold, always willing to do what is best for the others, and help us all. We have been traveling together for many months now, and gotten to know each others better, gotten closer to each other.

Maybe one day You'll get to meet her, when all this waring is over and that we rid the free people of their worries. Maybe one day you'll get to meet them all. They are really a blessing.

Fare well, Aunt. Til the next time we write to each others.
Melam Sholalaes of Rivendell.

Author:  Hellblazer [ Tue Apr 19, 2011 4:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Melam's journey.

What a journey,

Today I have met a foul creature, well that's not much different from usual, but this one was worst I could say. It was small, very small, at first I thought it was a deformed goblin. Grey of skin, clammy skin, it walked on all of it's four. It had huge eyes and dirty teeth that seemed as if they were about to fall off. But the worst, the worst was it's speech, screechy it gave me the chill down my spine. If it wasn't for Wistan who wanted to catch him because it was scaring Gabert and his family, I would have simply seen for other baits. And so after laying a trap for him, Wistan goes out and yells for me to catch it. OF COURSE, the dirty swine would run away after that shout. For a hunter he sure doesn't know how to be quiet, he kept signing throughout our wait for the little thing to come to the bait. So I ran, and ran after it as it kept twisting, twirling, turning and I chased him through Tal bruinen. Through the bushes and the tree branch, until finally we met the river. It swam through it, while I was barely knee deep still running after it. For it small stature it was quite fast. I thought I had finally caught him when he stopped by the cliff, only to escape my grasp as it started climb the cliff in a way that I would not be able to pursue him. And then.. there was this orc.

The orc told me that I couldn't capture it because that thing was protected for a higher purpose and then it just proceeded to charge me. It was a tough fight, but my bow prevailed and after a few well placed arrows the orc fell.

What's the most disturbing about that small thing is the fact that it just kept talking to someone.. or was it itself? I don't know. I did hear him call out a name, Sméagol. I don't know who that is, or what it is, but it also kept talking to someone else, calling it "Precious"

A strange tale for sure. One I hope to tell around a fire one day, maybe. Because that's probably the only way it will be told.

I don't know why, but I think I have made a blunder in sending Shelarien that letter. I wanted to finally let her know what I felt and was unable to express in words to it's fullest. But since then I haven't heard any news of her, beside those of the group that have traveled a few times with her. I just hope she is alright.

Author:  Hellblazer [ Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Melam's journey.

I've met with Shelarien today. She tracked me down to the Trollshaws, hearing that I was working on getting the much needed pristine hides for Beorngarth. It was a grand surprise to say the least. We spent most of the day running around in the wild, hunting the old wolves and bears that were either too sick or wounded to be able to survive and help their pack or themselves, making sure that nothing would be wasted, unlike some that we came across. And once we were done, we made our way to Rivendell.

She had gifted me with a fishing rod made of yew, a real beauty and told me that she had never fished herself so it was the perfect time to teach her. And by Iluvatar.. she's even a better fisher-woman than I am a fisherman now. Funny how things goes.

We found yourself to .. our spot, I could call it. The place where we first spent time alone together and talked, near the majestic waterfalls. And again we talked, while fishing but most of it after. It was a tensed moment at first. I thought that all the signs I had seen, were wrong. That I was the only one feeling this way. But it turned out that although she didn't exactly knew how to express what she felt, she did the same as me. At least now we both know how we feel for each other and have both decided that if we were to pursue this, that it would be slowly. She says she has never knew anything else but the hunt, and I can't blame her. Being raised by my aunt which was a widow herself. I never really knew or saw what a couple is, or how they act and all. It's all estrange for me. In short it will be a learning experience for both of us. can I really call us a couple? .. maybe, heck I'm still fuzzy about the small things, how am I to know about that?

But the important thing is, that we know. Now let's see where this other journey leads us.

Author:  Hellblazer [ Sat Jun 11, 2011 9:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Melam's journey.

Me and Shelarien have been spending many days together exploring Moria.. more like months really. And through that time I can say that every moment I am away from her is like missing a part of myself. And as we had a little picnic the other day back in Rivendell, we talked about the future some bit. Even though she wants a family she is somewhat apprehensive of bringing in a little one into the turmoil that is our world now. But before she had made that specification known, she had me running for a while. I had clumsily made my wish for our union known and at first all she had said was that she was unsure. I was devastated, confused and hot. But that's when she made her thought known about bringing a new life into the world, but that the possibility of us joining our lives could very well be enviable and sooner than I thought. The weight that was released from my shoulder was great and I started to laugh, her mischievous grin on her face evident. There's still time to see what we wish, although it's not uncommon for our kind not to go through a ceremony, we'll see what she wants.

She is such a gem.

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